Broker’s Opinion of Value Report


The Broker’s Opinion of Value Report (BOVR) cost considerably less than our full appraisal. It is typically provided by an experienced business broker when:

1. A business owner needs an informed opinion on the value of his business for marketing or other personal reasons not involving litigation.

2. A buyer is considering purchasing a business and needs our professional opinion and guidance in determining a reasonable market value for the business under consideration. Since most business brokers in a transaction represent the Seller in the transaction and do not provide such advice, and the Buyer’s advisors typically do not have any business valuation experience, the BOVR provides the Buyer with a value range for the business under consideration. Upon review of our BOVR, the Buyer will then have the confidence to make an offer to purchase the business knowing he is not paying tens of thousands of dollars in premium beyond the reasonable market  value of the business.

 If you have an interest in obtaining information on our BOVR report services, please contact:


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