Appraisals are needed for a variety of reasons. They may be needed to sell a company, buy a company, sell shares of a company to key employees, settle estates, for divorce case property settlements, insurance or Trust purposes, or to simply stay informed of a company’s value as growth takes place.

Our full range of appraisal, valuation and consulting services ensures that your unique business issues and needs are addressed at all times.

Placing the right value on your business is essential for:

  • Determining Fair Market Value for a sale of the business
  • Providing a lender with Fair Market Value information for a business loan
  • Planning for a merger, acquisition or stock offering
  • Developing an estate plan or tax plan to protect your wealth
  • Transferring the business into a trust or creating a succession plan
  • Determining the value of assets and liabilities for a diverse settlement
  • Assisting attorneys in litigation
  • Settling an insurance claim
  • Setting up an¬†Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Typically, our appraisals will use the following:

  • Asset-based approach
  • Income-based approach
  • Market-based approach

The purpose and use of the appraisal will determine its complexity and cost of the appraisal. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will promptly provide you with our competitive proposal.